Know Yourself Fitness and Mentoring Group


Guiding our client base to a common ground with what they “need”-vs- what they “want” and this helps determine what their strength training, cardio, functional training and nutrition goals will be. Creating this true balance in their lives puts Know Yourself in a great position to offer proper guidance aiding in reaching individual goals, self-accountability, and ways to help track the individual’s progress. Know Yourself is elite in developing and customizing programing that provides clientele with safe, professional, exciting, and comprehensive coaching. 

Created to increase the health, knowledge, achievement, and self-awareness of all At Risk Youth in Juvenile Detention Centers. Our program provides them with fitness and sports as a stress reliever and social stabilizer, serving as a communication ground breaker, which sets the foundation to our mentoring relationship. Our mentees are constantly challenged to be GREAT THINKERS and positive decision makers, ultimately aiding their maturation process that will shape them into successful, knowledgeable, and responsible young adults! The ultimate goal of Know Yourself Mentoring is always the total uplifting of our mentees and our communities helping them to progress physically, mentally and spiritually. 

Collaborator’s List:

  1. Tara Dannehyl Fitness
  2. P.E.P. Perception Equals Potential
  3. DISD Administration Office- Human Capital Management
  4. Dallas Youth Village
  5. Medlock Treatment Center

The Total Self Awareness Programs—Brings a unique concept to the classroom experience. The program since 1994 has worked with high risk youth in schools, juvenile facilities, as well as with teachers, administrators, and parents. The core curriculum focuses on: Professional and Personnel Development, Critical Thinking, Etiquette, Soft Skills, Communication, Social Enhancement, Community Engagement, and Establish Families.