Goal Attainment Program

Course Description

Welcome to Destination: Known! This is a passionate, in-depth course that will effectively change your life. How we perceive ourselves affects how others react to us. Changing how we see ourselves demands that we change our mindset. As you understand and apply these proven skill sets demonstrated in this course,  you will gain a deeper respect for who you really are. Everything you need is already inside you! Let’s prove to yourself and ultimately the world, that the best ‘you’ has not been seen yet!

Learning Outcomes

Destination: Known is an outcome based curriculum that focuses on 5 critical life skills. This course emphasizes

(1) Critical Thinking

(2) Relationship Building

(3) Problem Solving

(4) Goal Attainment

(5) Self Assessment as they pertain to the improvement of self perception.

Upon successful completion of this course participants will:

· Demonstrate their ability to recognize and actualize a goal specific to them and create a structured plan to attain that goal.

· Successfully incorporate the input of (at least) 3 individuals competent in their desired future.

· Apply critical thinking and creative solutions to reach their determined goal.

· Develop a set of expected outcomes to assist them in achieving their stated goal.

· Be able to assess the validity of their specific goals and outcomes, if needed, make changes that increase their opportunity for success.