Goal Attainment Program

Course Description Welcome to Destination: Known! This is a passionate, in-depth course that will effectively change your life. How we perceive ourselves affects how others react to us. Changing how we see ourselves demands that we change our mindset. As you understand and apply these proven skill sets demonstrated

Destination: Known

Destination:KNOWN is a collective of program providers who believe self-awareness, mindfulness, etiquette, student engagement, and socioemotional intelligence are paramount to success. Destination: Known Workgroup understands the importance of building character. We provide a Social Emotional Curriculum that empowers BIPOC youth to be viable in an ever-evolving global society. Our

We aRe Her Leadership Academy

We aRe HER encourages girls to love themselves first.  We help build character and leadership skills that create thinkers that know how to engage in conflict resolution and peer mediation, while building confidence and self-esteem. We believe the mind and body must be in synch, so we encourage regular physical activity,

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Engaging Breakthroughs

Founded to empower people to align with their deepest truth. We offer leadership development programs that help people to follow their purpose, achieve transformational leadership, and show up more authentically in relationships and careers. All of our programs are designed to help our clients increase their emotional intelligence so

Creative Writing

We teach and encourage youth to choose their words, metaphors, and images in a way that captures what they’re wanting to convey. This creative decision-making can lead to increased self-awareness and self-esteem as well as improved mental health. This program in conceptualized from initiation to closing. In turn they learn

Daughters Across The Diaspora

WE MATTER, WE’RE RELEVANT AND WE ARE BLACK WOMEN! To all the Black women who have overcome barriers in a system that was not designed for you. You found comfort, support, and love within a circle of like-minded sisters. I honor your tenacity, strength, and regality in being your

Know Yourself Fitness and Mentoring Group

Guiding our client base to a common ground with what they “need”-vs- what they “want” and this helps determine what their strength training, cardio, functional training and nutrition goals will be. Creating this true balance in their lives puts Know Yourself in a great position to offer proper guidance

Jazmyn Ferguson, LMSW

Jazmyn Ferguson, LMSW is the Founder and CEO of The Ubuntu School (scheduled to open in 2023), an immersive and groundbreaking educational experience that equips Black and brown youth from under-resourced communities to tap into the greatness that is within them. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Educational

Mindfulness and Meditation, M+M Series

Brings the practice of mindfulness and meditation to children, educators, parents, and medical professionals in educational, therapy and corporate settings.  Training sessions are offered in person and online.  Through formal training and seminars for adults and story-telling and discussions for younger audiences, Farahana uses her creativity and passion to