Learning Outcomes

Destination Known Workgroup is a collective of program providers who believe self-awareness, mindfulness, etiquette, student engagement and socioemotional intelligence are paramount to success. Character development is essential in today’s world. Your belief shapes your reality. Technology bombards our children constantly. Flooding them with images, ideas and information counterproductive to their success. Destination Known Workgroup understands the importance of building character.

Society attempts to strip youth of color, specifically Black youth, of dignity, pride and self-awareness. Destination Known Work Group provides a curriculum that empowers BIPOC youth to be viable in an ever-evolving global society. Our nation and its educational system have failed our youth, creating a culture of control and exclusion, instead of one that embraces, enlightens and understands their uniqueness. Our vision is to create positive outcomes for youth of color by changing the landscape of education. Join us in our mission as we change the future of youth that have historically been undervalued.